Songs I’m obsessed with

Since going to a Saint Motel concert a few weeks ago, I’ve been listening to their songs non-stop. It’s pretty typical for me to leave a concert more into a band than I was before and Saint Motel is no exception. Their stage show is fantastic and cleverly done. Their latest album is called saintmotelevision (can we just stop and appreciate the wordplay there?) and in good form, their stage show imitates a late night talk show. During intermission, they would play commercials from the 80s and 90s. There were old-fashioned cameras on the sides and an applause sign that lights up indicating you should clap and cheer. Their stuff is so experimental and experiential (their 360 Virtualizer videos on Youtube are super cool), and their music gives me such a strong sense of nostalgia. A few songs of theirs I’ve been listening to on repeat:

For Elise

This one’s from their latest album and I love how the nod to Für Elise. Here’s an excerpt from an interview Saint Motel did with Vice:

She’s the quintessential muse. That song actually started with Beethoven’s immortal beloved. We thought it would be a fun experiment to take “Für Elise” and make it into a rock song using the exact same chords. And we’re all huge Beethoven fans. The story goes “Für Elise” was his immortal beloved, but no one knew who it was—it was a Citizen Kane/Rosebud situation. Who is this “immortal beloved?” Is it the Countess Von whoever? They went on this huge search to find his muse. That idea spawned the song. If she was the ultimate muse, who are the great muses, especially in pop and rock? “Für Elise” is very well known, but we wanted to take it to a contemporary situation.

Midnight Movies

I’m obsessed with this call and answer song from their older album. The intro to this song is so catchy and it’s something I can listen to over and over again.

Another song that’s been having a moment in my playlist is Sly Moon by Tangerine. They opened for Bleachers when I saw them live a month ago. They have a similar music style reminiscent of Haim, so if you’re a Haim fan, I’d definitely check out Tangerine!

So as I mentioned before, I went to a Bleachers concert recently. Completely obsessed with their MTV Unplugged album. I really like live recordings of songs. They’re less polished versions of themselves sure, and maybe some people don’t like that, but I love it. I feel like you can really feel the emotion there and Bleachers was hands down one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Listening to the MTV Unplugged album brings me back to one truly spectacular night.

If you haven’t listened to any of their songs, I recommend:

River by Bishop Briggs is also super catchy. It reminds me of Take Me To Church by Hozier. Bishop Briggs is also someone I’ve been lucky enough to see live (she opened for Bleachers). She has an incredible energy, always jumping around and you can tell she really feels the music. And there’s something very poetic about her lyrics and it has a good beat. There’s also some amazing dance choreography videos on Youtube using this song that you all should check out.

That’s pretty much it for my music round-up. These are my go-to songs that I’ve been going back to over and over, and I haven’t gotten sick of them yet.


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